Super Speedy Update

July 22, 2012

Many of you have inquired about the latest on surgery/radiation.  So, here’s the skinny…

The pathology report came back from my sister’s office showing clear margins.  However, they are only clear by a millimeter.  Which, I’m told, isn’t good odds.  (I still don’t understand how it works.  How can they tell where the tumor was in relation to what skin is left after they cut a bunch of stuff out/off of my body?  Science is fascinating and mysterious to me.) So, I’m going to have the extra surgery before radiation starts.  Even though everything about it blows.  And I really don’t wanna.

I have surgical consults with both the breast surgeon (Dr. S.) and the plastic surgeon (Dr. T-dubs) this week and surgery will probably happen during the first week of August.  I will post the exact date and time on as soon as I know specifics.

This delays radiation until after I heal up from the surgery.  But that’s okay, as I am still in search of a Rad Onc that is on board with only radiating my axilla (under-arm) area.  I still don’t feel right about having my chest wall radiated. (If there’s anyone out there reading this who has undergone having their chest wall radiated within the past coupla years and has insight… please give me a holla.)

I’ve taken a second job, as cancer seems to be getting more expensive with all these extra steps.  (Although, my dear friend DD pointed out that cancer came free and easy.  It’s the curing part that’s expensive.)  But staying busy is helping to keep me in good spirits and is certainly putting me to bed tired each night.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support, thoughts and prayers.  I am really struggling with the reality of this next step, but it helps to know that I have so many allies outside of the arena.

End cancer chapter 12.


One Response to “Super Speedy Update”

  1. Scott Zeigler Says:

    Gwen its great to have the updates. Hoping to see you eventually. We also need to have a wordpress talk soon cause this this is tough to work out. Or I’m just an idiot.

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