Radiation Vacation Weeks 3-5

December 3, 2012

Ok… lasers are cool and all… but I don’t wanna do it anymore.

This is what my chest looks like closing out week 5:


The redness continues about halfway down my tummy and across my left side.  It has become difficult to do any sort of physical activity as my skin is so dry… despite moisturizing 5 times a day with all my different prescribed lotions/creams…. it cracks and pulls with any movement.  I have never been so burnt in my life.  And there’s still two weeks to go.

The blues have set in pretty hard core.  I just can’t do anything.  No yoga.  No running.  And the fatigue is so overwhelming at this point, I can barely make it through a chapter of a book without falling asleep.  So, I’m kinda feeling like a waste of space.

I did get to travel home to TN for Thanksgiving last week. Which was immensely good for me.  And for my momma.  I only wish I’d had more time there to see everyone I needed to hug.

I also was taken on a surprise trip to the Grand Canyon this past week which lifted my spirits.  Next time I go, I trust I will be able to do more hiking.

This is only temporary.  I’ll be feeling just fine by Christmastime, I’m sure.  Killing cancer is simply hard work.

End cancer chapter 19.


4 Responses to “Radiation Vacation Weeks 3-5”

  1. scottzeigler Says:

    yay. You blogged. You with all the lazer beams are getting more done than me. All i can seem to do is lose shit and scope the internet.

  2. Marcia Shaver Says:

    So glad you got to come home for Thanksgiving. I am sure it was good for both you and your mom.
    I will pray especially for healing on skin and for you to fight the blues.
    Take care and no you are so loved.

  3. Tara W Says:

    It IS hard work. And you’re kicking ass.

  4. Deb Wallace Says:

    My heart is with you, Gwen. I so admire your strength.

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