With a Thankful Heart

February 20, 2014

A short post simply to say thank you.

I will be working on thank you cards for months to come, but for now, I would like to say thank you here.

Thank you for cards and prayers.  Comfy pants and music. Stuffed animals/ovaries and yummy food.  Monetary contributions.  Traveling halfway across the country to help me pack up my house and move home to my family.  And mostly, for kind words of encouragement.

Thank you all for reaching out to me and confiding wisdom gleaned from your own experiences.  For connecting with me.  For allowing our stories to be part of the same.  And for all of the kind words that lay so gently on my heart and comfort me while everything is so very hard.

This is the reminder that no matter how difficult, trials are blessings.  They bring us close to one another.  They make us remember to say I love you.  And they allow the reflection of something greater, something better, to shine through everyone who lends a helping hand and a kind word.

I cannot say thank you enough.


2 Responses to “With a Thankful Heart”

  1. marcia shaver Says:

    Gwen, hoping for a safe journey back to Tn. If you need wheels when you get home
    let me know and if you need rides I can help. Prayers are continually with you.


  2. scottzeigler Says:

    I wish i could be there to move you. Can i move you with my mind from afar? LOVE BEAM GOOOOOO!

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