I am living with breast cancer.  This does not define me.  I am also an actor, a writer, a singer, a daughter/sister/aunt, a friend, a badass, a dreamer… Cancer?  This is merely a part of my story.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Tara Wiseman Says:

    And truly amazing. I love you dearly!

    Following you the whole way. Let me know whatever you need.


  2. Suzanne I. Rhoades Says:

    Love your writing and added Martha since she wants to be included. We prayed for you @ Trinity tonight and will continue to share as we get your updates. Loving you and praying from Virginia. Are you back in NM or are you in TN??

  3. Julie Says:

    Sweet Gwen,
    Sending you love, support and prayers from California!
    Julie, Manuel and Sarah

    p.s. Give ’em hell!

  4. Ariel Osborne Says:

    I love you! Stay fierce!

  5. Trish Chaney Says:

    Dear Gwen … I admire your courage, your ability to write about your very personal journey, and know you are a fighter! Sending you my support and love and prayers. Love,

  6. Martha Kelly Says:

    Gwen, we are holding you tightly in our arms as you face this. You are strong and will come out with virtues only gained through necessarily trusting God alone. You are a special young lady, and while the question of “why” looms, you ARE much more than this illness. Troubles come to us all in one form or another. Embrace God’s provision and protection over you, and breathe in the deep caring by family and friends who hold you in their hearts. We are bolding asking for healing.

  7. Patrick Kennerly Says:

    Gwen, until I saw the link sharing your Haiku, I was not aware. You are so very correct–you are so much more than this challenge. Having had the privilege of sharing the stage with you, I know what a superb actor you are. I also know you to live your life from the heart, a sincere and caring soul with depth, compassion and incredible humor. From one who admires you from afar, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. My thought of you today: valiant!

  8. Kenley Smith Says:


    Best wishes from your friends at Studio Roanoke. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. Cate Leonard Says:

    Four years out from my own breast cancer battle. Good luck and many prayers headed your way.

  10. happygirl Says:

    Gwen. I am so sorry you are going through this ordeal. I pray for complete recovery and a cancer free life ahead of you. I’m on Tamoxifen for breast cancer prevention, as I have a high risk score. Your story makes me feel so small for complaining of Tamoxifen side effect. God bless you.

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